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    Personalize Your Healing Process

    Once you have selected the type of program that fits your needs, you can further tailor that program to your treatment interests by choosing to engage in any of the following:

    12 Step Participation
    gives your recovery direction and benchmarks progress

    Goal Setting
    helps you to focus on what is important to you in recovery

    Family Therapy
    strengthens bonds to create the foundation for a strong support network


    ​​Alternative therapies
    let you choose what options best suit your recovery goals

    Individual Therapy
    provides you with the tools and resources to make strides in recovery

    Relapse Prevention
    to keep you on track in and out of our center, for the rest of your life

    Treatment Plans For Your Needs

    Fountain Hills Recovery offers options for every type of care program is best-suited to address your unique needs.

    • ​Residential Programs
    • ​30 day
    • ​60 day
    • ​90 day
    • ​Partial Hospitalization Programs (day treatment)
    • ​Intensive Outpatient Programs

  • Skill Building for Success

    We provide personalized coaching to help develop healthy habits and apply the skills learned during treatment to our client’s sober living. We recognize the impact drug and alcohol abuse has on priorities, communication skills, and stress responses. An integral part of our treatment includes recognizing triggers and developing effective coping mechanisms that will benefit our clients’ daily lives after treatment. Learn to develop adaptive coping strategies, utilize effective relapse prevention skills, and build a support network with the help of our knowledgeable coaches.

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    Fountain Hills Recovery has a team of knowledgeable professionals with first-hand experience of the damaging effects addiction can have on a life.

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    Fountain Hills Recovery is dedicated to providing high-end individualized care and rehabilitation services to build a foundation for long-term recovery. We’re aware that every patient who comes to Fountain Hills Recovery has their own motivations for seeking treatment and making this lifestyle change. With this in mind, we offer a variety of care options using evidence based treatment practices to aid in the realization of self-worth and the possibilities of life away from the hopelessness of addiction.